Submitted by Adrian on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 18:21

The following is exerpted from the ALTRO annocuncment on removal of biocides and antimicrobials from its flooring products.

Biocides and antimicrobials have historically been introduced to products to help prevent the growth of microbes on surfaces, especially in environments that need to maintain strict levels of hygiene, such as hospitals and food production areas.

Tests prove that the current biocides, particularly silver, are no more effective than the physical removal of microbes from walls and floors.  Silver biocides can take up to two hours to completely eradicate microbes on a surface, giving a false sense of security and endangering health.  Additionally, walls have minimal exposure to microbes, making it unnecessary to include biocides in these surfaces. 

A good cleaning regime, which is essential in any environment where hygiene is of concern, can keep walls and floors clean without risking the spread of microbes.

In the United States, where legislation in different states has limited or even banned the use of biocides, improvements in hygiene have actually led to a decrease in healthcare acquired infections.  

By improving cleaning regimes, health and hygiene can be assured without relying on biocides.Not only are current biocides in walls not necessary in critical hygiene areas – they also have a negative impact on health, hygiene and the environment.

A link to a more detailed white paper provided by Altro is HERE.